Mathew 5:8
God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.
The letter Bet is the second letter of the Hebrew Alphabet.  The word picture for the letter bet is: house, in or inside, something enclosed, inner chamber.  The sound of the letter bet is the sound of “B”.  The Hebrew word for “house” is beeyt.  The Hebrew letters bet, yood and tav spell the word house.  The letter yood is the sound of “ya” and the picture is a hand, or strong work.  The letter tav is the sound of “T” and the word picture is a cross meaning a sign or covenant.  The word picture for house shows a place of strong covenant, a house of the covenant or sign within.

Another bet word is son, and sometimes in Hebrew spelled bet followed by a noon, which is the sound of “N” and the word picture of action/life.  Another word for son is bar, a bet followed by a resh which is the sound of “R” with the word picture of a head or person.  These two words for “son” have similar yet slightly different meanings.  The bet and noon pronounced a ben has a word picture of a son that is the life of the house.  In other words, his seed carries the life from generation to generation.  The bet-resh, pronounced bar, is the word picture showing  the son is the man from within the house.

Another bet word is daughter, spelled in Hebrew bet-tav and pronounced bat.  The tav is the picture of a cross  meaning covernant. The bet and tav  together are a word picture that is  of a daughter that carries the covenant of the house, she joins two houses together, or two families together.

Another bet word is bet-el, or House of God.  Again the Hebrew word for house is byeet, a bet followed by a yood followed by a tav.  One of the words for God is el, an alef followed by a lamed. The alef is silent carring the sound of the vowel with a word picture of an ox or strong lader.  The lamed is sound of "L" with the word picture of a shepherd or leader. Together the word byeet el has a word picture of a house containing a strong hand of covenant, and the house has a strong leader from within.  Bet el is House of God commonly pronounced Bethel.