Mathew 5:8
God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.
When someone asks the question, “How can there be a God when such awful things happen such as wars, famine, natural disasters, and even the death of a loved one…?” It may be a good question, but I think it’s a convenient question. I believe there are deeper issues for those people who use this convenient excuse to dismiss God in their life. If I were to answer that “convenient question,” I would begin:
Do I believe there is a God? “Yes.” Then how would I go about confirming that belief? First, let’s look around at nature from the heavens to the seas to the forests to the flowers. Look at mankind and how intricately we are put together. Are we just put together randomly, or is there a great design? Do I believe we crawled out of a pond of slime and eventually turn into this intricate, delicate balance of humanity? “No,” If we didn’t crawl out of the pond of slime, then someone must have been the designer for mankind and our surroundings. Then ask the question, “Who is the designer?”
I believe God is the Great Designer and through His loving touch created mankind. If you can accept God as the Great Creator, then you must determine, “What kind of God is He?”  
First, if God cared enough to create mankind, “Would He create mankind to intentionally hurt or injure His creation? Would God be a sadistic God and use mankind for some harmful purpose?” I don’t believe so. If God cared enough to create mankind, surely, He must want some relationship with them other than to cause then pain and harm.
Second, if you accept that God cares for, even loves His creation as His Word says, then how would He show that love? Would He want interaction? Would he want to receive love in return? Would He want a relationship? If the answer is “Yes” to any of these questions how would God respond? Maybe through His Word? There are different ideas about how God would respond – or not respond.  
One idea of God responding is through prayer. When a prayer relationship is developed it is a two-way relationship; prayers and petitions to God and responses from God. God always answers, but at times not in an expected way and sometimes the answer is “no,” and yet other times it seems miraculously prayers are answered. Whatever your idea of how you relate to God always remember: God is good, and He loves you and knows what is best in every situation. 


Is God Good?