Mathew 5:8
God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.
(The name Joanna means 
“The Lord Gives Graciously”)

Joanna is a woman that was present at very important events, but is seldom remembered. And yet for her obscurity she apparently had much to contribute. When we think of the women that surrounded Yeshua, (Jesus), Joanna seldom pops to mind. Yet she was there, she was healed and she gave. 

Joanna was a woman of means and position. She was married to Cuza, the man who managed Herod Antipas’ household. Herod Antipas was tetrarch, or governor, of the Galilee and Peraea during the time of Yeshua. Herod Antipas; was the son of Herod the Great who was king of Judea during the time of Yeshua’s birth. But even in her position of means and status she was not spared from disease and evil spirits. Scripture isn’t specific as to her condition and need for a cure. But because she was from an upper class it suggests she could have sought a cure by other means. Obviously the “other means” failed as Luke 8:1-3 tells us because Joanna and the other women were healed of evil spirits and infirmities by Yeshua.

Joanna, “along with other women,” traveled with Yeshua through cities and villages. These same women provided support for Yeshua and the Disciples from their own means. Luke 8:1-3

Here is a great picture of making a decision to follow Yeshua. Johanna must have had a comfortable dwelling place and a certain prestige in Herod’s Court. But she was willing to forgo all of her security, to seek Yeshua and healing. Scripture tells us she stayed with Yeshua, His Disciples and “some women.” Here we know Mary Magdalene followed Yeshua, but the others are not as memorable: “Susanna, and Joanna, and many other women.” Luke 8:1-3. Because of Joanna’s faithful decision to follow Yeshua, 
He rewarded her in that she was one of the women to witness the empty tomb.  
Luke 24:1-10.

What do we learn from Joanna’s story? Who you are and what you have is not what is important, it is what you do with what you have and what you believe that is makes the difference.