Mathew 5:8
God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.
Tsadik “צ” is the Eighteenth Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

The tsadik also is called tsade, both have a “ts” sound and in Hebrew means “fish hook.” This letter at the end of the word has a final or sofit form and is written differently. The word picture for this letter can refer to “catching.” The ancient picture can symbolize something inescapable, or pulling toward, or even a harvest as in being taken.
The Hebrew word for desire רצה ra-tsah is a reysh “ר” with a letter sound of “R” and a word picture of a head, followed by a tsadik “צ” with a letter sound of “TS” and a word picture of a hook or something pulling you, followed by a hey “ה” with the letter sound of breath releasing and a word picture of something proceeding from, or coming, or coming from. When the reysh, tsadik and hey are placed together spelling ra-tsah the Hebrew word picture meaning is the head draws or hooks, persuades, the thought coming from. In other words, the head tells us what we want.